How to check online casinos

Currently, the issue of checking the casino has become very urgent. Previously, you could just make sure that the casino has a valid license by clicking on the licensee icon and be sure that you played the original software. Now, the owners integrate fake software into casinos, while possessing a valid gambling license. It is worth noting that this applies to casinos licensed by the island of Curacao. 

In view of this, a modern player must have not only good mathematical ability to calculate the wager, the commission on deposit, to be legally savvy and at a minimum understand the software code. Additional abilities include the ability to tell the difference between fake and original software. If you are just a novice player and have not yet developed all the required skills to play at a modern licensed online casino, we suggest you take a short course.

Before you start gambling, you should analyze the online casino. You can use specialized rankings that will help you get more useful information. For example, you can find out everything you need to know about gaming club casino canada, at


You may not understand games and monkey-type slots may be the coolest in your mind. But if you decide to gamble online, learn how to check your license first. It won’t require supernatural abilities. You only need to click on the image of the license located in the footer of the site. This will take you straight to the license validation page.

What should you do if the image of the license is missing from the footer?

First of all, you need to find out who owns the project. To do this, go to the “casino rules” page and read. According to licensing rules, the company owning the casino must be registered in the jurisdiction of the license. Next, go to the official website of the licensor and look for information about the casino and its license. In the case of Malta is very simple, there is a special section. But with Curacao, everything is confusing, but still real. The easiest option is to write to support and demand a link to the gaming license. This doesn’t always work, especially if the casino has something to hide. 

The server of the game

You can see for yourself which server is responsible for transferring the gameplay and thus determine whether the software is licensed or not. Any manufacturer has its own server. Look carefully at the name of the server. For example, some companies put software from Netent, which is downloaded from a third-party server.

Carefully study the games

Ability appears after a long training (game) in everyone. For the most part, all players are “highly specialized” specialists. They can only tell a knockoff from a few manufacturers, but that’s a good thing too. Mostly fake popular games from companies Netent, Microgaming, Quickspin and of course Novomatic. So if in doubt, check the server of the game. In any case, familiarizing yourself with the most popular games will not hurt. Checking the casino has become an integral part of the gaming process. Fortunately, checking takes very little time at all. So don’t be lazy and check the casino where you play.

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