HTML/CSS Code Snippets of Illustrated 404 Pages

How many times have you stumbled upon 404 Page? Hundred, thousand, a million times? All in all, we are humans who might be smarter than a decade ago and know how to surf the Web smoothly and hassle-free, nevertheless we still make mistakes, and sometimes these mistakes are so silly. However, neither browser nor website is an AI-powered machine that can correct them on the fly. So once in a while, we have to deal with error pages. And among the whole diversity of the errors that can occur in the web, by the way, there are more than thirty of them in the wild – 404 is one of the most favorite.

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How to Use Google’s SMTP Server to Send Emails for Free

Google’s SMTP server is a free service that you can use to send emails from your custom domain, website, or web application. SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. Basically, it’s an internet protocol for email transmission between servers. These days most emails are sent from an SMTP server. Anyone with a Gmail or Google Apps account can use Google’s free service, albeit it does have a daily sending limit.

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A Guide to HTML5 Semantics for Better SEO

The concept of semantics originates from the field of linguistics. It literally means the “study of meaning”. So, semantics is the discipline of finding connections between different signifiers such as words, symbols, and signs. As HTML is a markup language rather than a programming language, semantics is a very important part of it. If you use HTML5 semantics wisely you can make your website more accessible, improve user experience, and get better search engine rankings as well.

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The main differences between digital marketing and online marketing

The information rushes on the person as a snowball. The knowledge gap (not to mention the skills) of information technologies is widening: while at one end people are thinking about preventing the insidious acts of artificial intelligence, at the other they are not aware of the existence of Internet channels for business promotion and do not understand how promotion of a site, brand or product occurs in the digital space.

Explanation in an accessible form, visualization and longreads, permanent communication takes more and more time from Internet marketing agencies, that want to describe their services to the customer. Within the framework of digital education (DQ), we find five points of digital and internet marketing that can separate these concepts.

  1. The concept of digital marketing includes Internet marketing, but it is not identical tough. Actually, the Internet is only a network (part) of the digital world.
  2. Digital marketing includes different tools such as SEO (search engine optimization) and SMM (social media marketing), PPC (contextual advertising) and PR marketing, direct marketing (direct mail) and content marketing, advertising in mobile applications, programs, e-book, games, etc. and CRO (conversion rate optimization) – optimization of site conversion. Digital marketing includes digital channels not only on the Internet, but also such as mobile communications, radio and TV, and Internet marketing also includes a purely area of ​​copper channels on the Internet. CRO is achieved by the site usability analysis tools, i.e. directly reactions and actions of the user, testing of changes and necessary to increase the conversion rate of implementations based on this analysis and testing. As a result, KPI increases and the level of conversion increases with the promotion of a product or service, brand and company.
  3. Internet marketing often calls online marketing, while digital marketing also includes offline digital communication.
  4. The use of the term “Internet marketing” is directly related to the methods of direct interaction with potential customers, only in comparison with Digital-marketing, Internet marketing is limited to Internet space. But, at the same time, the localization of the Internet allows you to develop more dynamically and an order of magnitude more intensively than other digital channels of digital marketing (printing, TV, radio).

Why is digital marketing so attractive?

Every year, advertisers prefer this type of marketing for banner advertising, printed products, simple advertising on radio and television. What are the main reasons for this trend?

  • The target audience. More and more people visit various sites in order to familiarize themselves with and purchase products. This flow is due to the popularity and practicality of online stores, and after a while the growth of customers will only increase.
  • Profitability. With proper implementation and effective operation of all digital marketing tools in the complex, you will receive a much lower cost of attracting customers, comparing with other methods of business promotion.

Analytics. An indispensable and versatile tool. Using it, digital marketing agency new york based, will be able to track the number of visits, time spent by customers on the site, what they pay more attention to, and at what point they leave the page, what advertisement most attracts the visitor to your site, and which ones they ignore, in what way and from what sources customers get into the CRM-system, what is the cost of the client and the amount of sales in general.

How Design Systems Give Small Businesses a Fighting Chance

Streamlining tasks, removing redundancies in the process, encouraging communication and collaboration — these money- and time-saving benefits are what makes designs systems so attractive to tech startups and small businesses. How attractive? According to our 2018 UX report, 69% of 3,157 designers surveyed said they were currently working on one for their company.

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In what games it’s possible to reduce casino advantage?

A significant number of casino visitors would like to control their results. Therefore, they choose games based on skill, such as Blackjack, Pay Go Poker, Texas Hold’em, Three Card Poker and Video Poker. Fans of gambling are ready to go to great lengths in order to slightly reduce the advantage of the casino. Of course, each game based on skill has its own characteristics, so a small comparison can be made. When reading this list, keep in mind that we did not include baccarat because of the minimum amount of skills.


Blackjack today is one of the most popular gambling games, because it combines a low casino advantage and a well-developed strategy. In most online casinos, you can reduce the casino advantage to 0.5% using the basic strategy. And what is nice, everyone can play like experts, because there are special schemes that describe what to do in each specific situation. For those who like to compete, you can try the card counting strategy, where experts can take advantage of the casino 0.5% -1.5%. But keep in mind that you may be thrown out of the hall by observant casino employees.

Pay go poker

If you love poker and low casino advantage, then you will definitely choose pay go poker. This game is a bit like Texas Hold’em because it has a similar hand ranking. However, the essential difference is that you need to beat the dealer with two hands on 5 and 2 cards. So you need to collect two winning combinations of seven cards. Good poker players can reduce the casino’s advantage to 2.84%, while not representing the bank. But if you have money for this, you can lower the bar to 1.46%.


One of the major advantages of poker is that many of its varieties do not have the advantage of a casino. Such types as Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Seven Card Stud, Razz allow players to compete with each other, and the casino accepts a small fee for each bank or tournament. This means that the best poker players will receive a guaranteed profit in the long term. Even less qualified players can earn by winning a small tournament. Of course, we strongly recommend that you spend some amount of time learning the poker strategy instead of relying on luck.

Three Card Poker

Those who prefer the use of skill in combination with large payouts should try three-card poker. In this game you get the opportunity to make both ante and pair plus bets. Ante is a mandatory bet that you must make against the dealer. Pair Plus is an optional bet, but gives you the opportunity to receive huge payments in the event of a particular hand. The lowest Pair Plus payout is 1: 1 for a finished pair; and the biggest prize Pair Plus is 40: 1 for a ready straight flush.

Video poker

Video poker is a traditional skill game where you play poker on a slot machine. Many people who are frightened by the prospect of meeting other players prefer video poker. Of course, this is not the main issue, but most of these games have a casino advantage of less than 1%. Some types of video poker give you a chance to make a profit in the long run. Deuces Wild is one of the games with full payouts, which gives up to 100.76% payouts. One of the attractive aspects of video poker is that players can win a big jackpot if they have a royal flush.
With such an abundance of casino games based on skill, competitive players will not have problems with the choice. And you will like these games even more if you catch good luck and can win a good amount. An even more important point is the right choice of online casino platform. If you are still in search, then look at the site That is a great example of some really good and reliable online casino.

Top 5 Free Joomla SEO Extension Unleashed

Joomla is a free and open-source content management system, which is used in over 30 million websites, with over 200,000 community users and has endless amounts of extensions. This renowned platform offers a vast array of easy-to-use and free extensions that will enable you to optimize your website quickly and make it search engine friendly, faster.

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