Increasing of brand awareness on Instagram

Increasing of brand awareness is one of the main tasks of a marketer. There are a lot of levers for its solution. The leading position in this issue for a long time is promotion in social networks, or directly on Instagram. One of these ways is to increase the number of views. To deal with this task you can use modern service Poprey views.

Before you raise awareness, you need to figure out what it is. Recognition is the level of awareness of the target audience about the brand. Each brand has unique characteristics with which its customers associate it. For example, the automobile brand Lexus is associated with prestige and reliability.

The highest level of recognition is when your company is strongly associated with a certain niche. For example, the Google brand has the maximum recognition because all search engines are associated with it.

There are also the following levels of recognition:

  • with a hint;
  • without a hint.

The first option assumes minimal consumer knowledge about your brand. However, if you managed to achieve such a result in the early stages of advancement, this is already good. It means that a potential customer at least heard about this brand. And if he stumbles on it somewhere, he will know the minimum set of characteristics of the brand.

Brand recognition without a hint is when a consumer, without additional information, can name the characteristics of your brand. If you managed to achieve this level of recognition, then the target audience was chosen correctly, and you were able to form a positive brand image.

To measure recognition, you must first determine your target audience. Because, based on your statistics in social networks, you can understand how recognizable the brand has become in the category of users you need.

You can use the following methods when working with Instagram:

  • tracking references;
  • analytics coverage of your posts.

You can track brand references through a hashtag search. The more customers will mention your brand in them, the higher its recognition among users. When working with hashtags, look at the characteristics of the customers who use them.

If you intend to attract women under 30 years of age, wide recognition is their success indicator. Because they should associate the brand with their lifestyle and habits. Coverage analytics is to track how many of your Instagram posts are shared. Here, too, you need to look not only at the quantitative, but also at the qualitative characteristics – features of people who share your content with friends.

How to find your target audience

This is the first step to increase awareness. If the strategy does not take into account the characteristics of potential customers, it will fail. To determine the target audience, you need to answer the question of what is special about your brand. It should have a unique set of characteristics that will be close to the target audience.

Ideal target audience:

  • Will be interested in the products of your brand.
  • Can afford them.
  • Susceptible to your Instagram content.

Answer on this question should be honest. If your company specializes in selling cheap products, it is not necessary to indicate prestige as a characteristic.

Analyze the goods and services that you produce. For example, if your company delivers flowers around the clock, you need to focus on the speed of delivery. If you make author’s bouquets, you can specify the exclusivity and individual approach to customers.

When you selected the characteristics of the brand, you need to think about for which category of people they will be a significant advantage. For example, making author’s bouquets is likely to attract middle-aged people. First, they can afford it, and second, they need to surprise their soulmate with something.

The main characteristics of clients that will help to determine the target audience:

  • age;
  • gender;
  • social status;
  • income level;
  • marital status.

In Ukraine, IT outsourcing companies rock

IT outsourcing becomes ever-more popular globally, as new business challenges arise and companies worldwide realize the potential of outsourcing their IT operations to a trustworthy Managed Service Provider. Eastern Europe in general, and Ukraine, in particular, are rapidly becoming the #1 IT outsourcing destination for customers from the EU and the US. Why so?

Let’s take a closer look at why in Ukraine IT outsourcing companies are so good.

  1. First of all, the Ukrainian IT outsourcing industry has strong foundations. The country has a pretty good educational system and the universities provide around 36,000 Junior IT specialists yearly. These guys often have decent English (at least Intermediate level, which is enough for conversations on work-related issues). These Juniors have lots of room for growth, as the IT outsourcing industry in Ukraine grows by 30% YoY for the last 4 years. The spread of IT outsourcing professionals actually looks like 35% Senior, 32% Middle, 33% Junior-level specialists, according to a popular Ukrainian IT portal DOU.
  2. Geographical location is another benefit of working with an IT outsourcing company from Ukraine. Businessmen can fly to Ukraine in 2-4 hours from London, Berlin, Stockholm, Oslo, Madrid, Paris and pretty much any European city. Many IT outsourcing cloud computing firms from Ukraine send their teams on business trips to speed up the project onboarding, as the removal of visa requirements allows the teams to assemble and begin working in a couple of days max. In case you prefer remote collaboration with dedicated teams, the Ukrainian time zone is UTC +3, so work hours overlap quite well with the EU customers and with most of the US time zones.
  3. Cost of living in Ukraine is much lower, as compared to the EU or US, and the taxation is simplified for IT industry, so outsourcing IT operations to companies in Ukraine provides a significant reduction in costs. At the same time, the level of technical background is quite high, which results in Ukrainian developers leading in multiple ratings and rankings.
  4. Full range of services. Most of Ukrainian IT outsourcing companies are Managed Services Providers, meaning they have expertise and resources to deliver end-to-end digital solutions and satisfy all IT-related requirements of their customers. Thus said, an average IT outsourcing company from Ukraine is a one-stop-shop for IT projects, providing the full range of startup services. From web/app development, QA and automated testing to DevOps-as-a-Service, Big Data analytics, cloud monitoring solutions, blockchain development, serverless computing, etc.

Conclusions: in Ukraine, the IT outsourcing industry is booming

Due to the factors described above, the IT outsourcing industry in Ukraine is currently booming. The combination of affordable prices, high level of expertise, good English proficiency and cultural fit, and the ability to provide a wide range of IT services to companies of all sizes — all of this makes IT outsourcing to Ukraine a wise choice.

What is free spins?

All free spins in various types of slot machines imply special free spins on all gaming reels, which the gambler himself receives at his payment if he is caught up with a successful spin. And here you can find such backs in any gambling club. Almost every gambling slot. And as a rule such game backs are considered absolutely the most significant and most expected of all bonuses in such a game as video slots. All the free spins of every gambling reels were practiced in traditional real-world casino slot machines even before the internet casinos with online slots appeared on the Internet. You can find the rating of the best online casinos here

The principle of all free spins of the gaming drum itself lies only in the fact that the gambler himself has a unique opportunity to receive his gaming winnings and payouts without absolutely obligatory fee absolutely every rotation of the whole gambling drum. And it is in just such cases that all the spins are paid by the gambling establishment itself. And at the same time the size of the bet, which the casino itself makes with all free spins, will be equal to the entire previous gambling bet made by a gambler. And according to this principle, the entire number of absolutely all active lines is determined to receive payouts for all free spins of the gaming drum itself. And here, as a rule, all free gaming spins in online casino slot machines will be available after at least three special symbols appear on all gaming reels. But this does not apply to all existing online gaming slots. In some game slots, for example, such as spins it will be possible after a certain amount of all bonus points are collected on the screen itself. And in order for you to learn about all the free spins of the game reels only on a certain game video slot, the player himself will have to re-read all the game rules on his game portal.

But the free spins themselves while playing the reel is not the only method of obtaining benefits on all free spins

Also, with all the free spins of a gambler, wild game symbols can also drop out, which will open up all additional bonus games to you, simply or double the total amount of game payouts for just one spin. And here are some also playing combinations and can bring to the gambler his additional gain, which does not burn at all with all free spins.

In other words, all possible payouts in the game will be active with all free spins, which will make them the most expected and most desirable. And only in this way, just before you start playing on that, or another of your gaming slots, you just need to make sure whether this slot machine is present with a special opportunity to get free gaming spins. Many players are interested in what to bet online casinos.

Free spins are awarded after you have made a deposit in real money, or, sometimes, are awarded as a gift.

You get a certain number of spins on your chosen game (or games), and any winnings you win will be credited to your account as a Bonus. If you are eligible for Free Spins, they are automatically activated when the corresponding game is downloaded.

After you have played the free spins available to you, all winnings on the backs will be credited to your account as a bonus. You can check the status of the Bonus on free spins on the page “History of Bonuses”. The money won on the Free Spins is subject to the Bonus Wagering Terms, which must be completed before the bonus can be converted to real money and withdrawn from the account. Wagering conditions depend on the bonus and are specified in the Promotion Terms. You can monitor the status of the conditions for wagering bonus on the page “Bonus History” or some similar page in your online casino.

Proxy and website development

Proxy servers are constantly used to perform some simple and complicated tasks in various areas. The main advantage of the proxy server is the fact that it can provide the user with complete anonymity in the Internet. This quality is actively used by anyone who may be interested in it. Anonymity is one of the main problems of our time. Each of our actions in the network is actively monitored by various companies and not only by them. Even states can use our IP addresses against us. They can put a regional block on all residents of the country and make for example some social network or any other website inaccessible. Also, by ip address, you can track any person almost to his location within a radius of several quarters. Advertisers, in their turn, use the information about your visits in the network in order to continue to offer you some products that you will buy more likely. It’s needless to say how important anonymity is with all these extremely unpleasant facts.

Proxy servers can be paid or free

In addition to providing this kind of protection, private proxies present some other benefits. For example, they can provide you with a high connection speed, which free proxies cannot do. If we are talking about some complicated processes like Search Engine Optimization for marketers or website development for developers and designers, then the use of private proxies will be the only reasonable option. You can find the list of proxies here

Website development is a quite complicated process that includes many different details. Depending on the desired result, it can take a lot of time to develop the website that you want. If we are talking about some simple landing page, then you do not need too much effort. But if you need to order a development of an online store with a large number of products, modern design and various options that can distinguish the site from competitors, then this process can take a lot of time. For working on such a complicated process, high-quality and high-speed connection is very important. Private proxies are able to provide it, as well as give anonymity online, which will be an important advantage in any kind of work. Even if we are talking about the website development. In addition, they make possible to use the ip address of absolutely any country in the work, which opens up a whole range of opportunities associated with regional restrictions to the developer. For example, you can buy German proxy, it will allow you to use all the resources that are available only to german citizens.

Website development is most often carried out through some kind of platform, you can find a lot of them in the internet. You have to remember that there are two main types of proxy servers, depending on the network protocol which they use. If you need the possibility to work not only with websites, but also with some programs, then the most suitable choice would be a proxy server that use the network protocol socks5. It will allow you to work free with both websites and with various software, which makes this proxy the most popular nowadays. Previously, it worked only with programs, and it was not able to load web pages, but now it comfortably handles all these tasks. The second network protocol is http. Not so much time ago, they occupied leading positions in popularity, but now they have lost this position. Proxies that work on the HTTP protocol can easily load web pages and even some programs, but the list of programs with which they can cope is quite small. This makes them a less popular choice in our time.

A proxy server is an indispensable tool when it comes to website development. Do not forget that there are even free proxy versions, but for such complicated tasks as website development, they are absolutely useless.

Référencement Naturel, La Stratégie Des Mots Clés

Avant de s’engager dans les méandres du référencement naturel, il serait judicieux de définir d’abord sa politique de mots clés..

Définitions des mots-clés Le choix des mots clés est extrêmement important, ils doivent avoir de l’intérêt auprès des internautes et être techniquement capables de les positionner dans les pages Web. Il est préférable de déterminer les mots clefs en fonction de sa cible et des objectifs marketings désirés, afin d’espérer un retour sur investissement. Le plus simple est de chercher dans les outils de statistiques du site les mots clés tapés par les visiteurs. Associée à ces statistiques, la visite des sites concurrents permettra d’ajouter de nouvelles expressions, grâce à la consultation des méta-tags et titres de pages disponibles dans le code source. Trouver des mots-clés pertinents est l’une des étapes les plus importantes. Yahoo Search Marketing propose un outil permettant de générer des mots-clefs en fonction d’un mot-clé générique que nous saisirons, synthétisant au mieux l’activité ou la compétence de l’entreprise. Il est important de notifier que les moteurs de recherche accordent moins d’importance aux mots-clefs qu’auparavant. Actuellement, Google ne prend en compte que les 15 premiers mots clefs présents dans le champ « keywords ».